A complete guide to Homebase Access.

Remote access management made easy.

Goodbye, keys. Hello, smart locks.

Resident access

Automated management

Homebase will get you up and running.

Our Installation Team will

  • Install, activate and test every lock.

  • Provide per unit and master fobs.

  • Give you a stock of fresh fobs.

  • Provide resident and staff training materials.

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What if my building already

has Schlage locks?

Homebase will take over the current Schlage locks managed on the Allegion Engage site. We also provide seamless tools to DIY, or we're always happy to help!

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Centralized management controls.

Manage unit and building

access remotely in one click.

  • Use no-tour technology and digital keys to give residents and staff instant access.

  • View logs of all staff access.

  • Follow simple protocols to extend battery life and ensure lock performance.

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Manage staff access from anywhere.

  • Adjust staff access in real time with no-tour and Mobile Manager digital key access.

  • Manage staff access with password protected digital key access and eliminate key check-outs, travel time, and rekeying costs.

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How do I update

access on a unit lock?

  • Digital key access and no-tour fob assignments apply instantly.

  • If no-tour is not available, staff visit and update the lock to refresh fob assignments.

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Simplify your turns with automation.

One fob. One app.

Every door in the building.

Save time with

automated  move-ins.

Residents can unlock unit and community doors instantly using their digital key in the Homebase Resident App.

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More efficient unit turns

with digital keys.

  • Homebase Resident App digital key access is automatically revoked when the lease ends.

  • Instead of rekeying, maintenance simply updates the lock to run diagnostics and refresh fob permissions.

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What happens if

a fob is lost?

Residents can use their Homebase Resident App digital key while staff assigns a new fob and updates the lock. This eliminates the cost and hassle to rekey the door.

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Simple, secure access.

Redefine the resident


  • Residents use one fob or the Homebase App digital key to access their apartment and all community doors.

  • Residents receive notifications when staff enters their unit.

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Improved safety

and  security.

  • Homebase installs Schlage Control Smart Locks on unit doors. These locks receive an ANSI Grade 2 as a high residential security lock and upgrade the property’s visual appeal.

  • Digital staff access is assigned per user. Staff access is password protected, logged in management reports, and can be adjusted instantly.

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What if a resident

is locked out?

If a staff member is not available to provide access with a master fob, all residents have access to Homebase 24/7 Support via the Resident App.

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Personal tech support 24/7.

Your trusted
technology partner.

Our team of Homebase community experts monitor your property and are here to help your residents and staff 24/7.

Chat with an expert

Will this work with my

access control system?

Homebase integrates with existing multi-tech readers for one fob, one app access to community and unit doors.

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