A complete guide to Homebase Access.

Management made easy.

Homebase will get you up and running.

Our Installation Team will

  • Install, activate and test every lock.

  • Provide per unit and master fobs.

  • Give you a stock of fresh fobs.

  • Provide resident and staff training materials.

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Manage unit and building

access  in one click.

  • Use no-tour technology and digital keys to give residents and staff instant access.

  • View logs of all staff access.

  • Follow simple protocols to extend battery life and ensure lock performance.

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Manage staff access.

  • Adjust staff access in real time with no-tour and Mobile Manager digital key access.

  • Manage staff access with password protected digital key access and eliminate key check-outs, travel time, and rekeying costs.

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How do I update

access on a unit lock?

  • Digital key access and no-tour fob assignments apply instantly.

  • If no-tour is not available, staff visit and update the lock to refresh fob assignments.

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Simplify your turns with automation.

One fob. One app.

Every door in the building.

Save time with

automated  move-ins.

Residents can unlock unit and community doors instantly using their digital key in the Homebase Resident App.

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More efficient

unit turns.

  • Homebase Resident App digital key access is automatically revoked when the lease ends.

  • Instead of rekeying, maintenance simply updates the lock to run diagnostics and refresh fob permissions.

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What happens if

a fob is lost?

Residents can use their Homebase Resident App digital key while staff assigns a new fob and updates the lock. This eliminates the cost and hassle to rekey the door.

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Simple, secure access.

Redefine the resident


  • Residents use one fob or the Homebase App digital key to access their apartment and all community doors.

  • Residents receive notifications when staff enters their unit.

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Improved safety

and  security.

  • Homebase installs Schlage Control Smart Locks on unit doors. These locks receive an ANSI Grade 2 as a high residential security lock and upgrade the property’s visual appeal.

  • Digital staff access is assigned per user. Staff access is password protected, logged in management reports, and can be adjusted instantly.

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What if a resident

is locked out?

If a staff member is not available to provide access with a master fob, all residents have access to Homebase 24/7 Support via the Resident App.

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Personal tech support 24/7.

Your trusted
technology partner.

Our team of Homebase community experts monitor your property and are here to help your residents and staff 24/7.

Chat with an expert

Will this work with my

access control system?

Homebase integrates with existing multi-tech readers for one fob, one app access to community and unit doors.

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