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Insights into property technology from the experts at Homebase.


Meet the Team: Jen

When it comes to understanding the needs of onsite teams, there is no substitute for lived experience. That’s one of the reasons we deeply value the insights of Jen, our…
Homebase Team
August 3, 2022

Meet the Team: Raul

Raul is a musician, former property manager, father of three, and a Customer Success expert. He brings his sense of humor and positive energy to every interaction, and our customers…
Homebase Team
August 2, 2022

Meet the Team: Machaela

Machaela is a multifamily industry expert, former property manager, mother of two, and a superstar on our sales team. Her insights about the experiences of property staff and her generosity…
Homebase Team
July 20, 2022
Case Studies

Case Study: Terrace on Walnut

Terrace on Walnut Kansas City, MO Unit doors Amenity doors Operating costs w/ Homebase ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Homebase has made life in property management so much easier! We have eliminated the need…
Homebase Team
June 14, 2022
October 8, 2020

CEO Blake Miller on the Aruba Unplugged podcast

CEO Blake Miller joined the Aruba Unplugged podcast to talk Homebase, Smart Living-as-a-Service & bringing the Jetsons to real life. Learn more about Aruba and their podcast: Aruba…
Who's The Next Blockbuster on the Future of Living Podcast with Blake MillerPodcasts
July 25, 2019

Who’s The Next Blockbuster?

We like to end each episode with the "Lightning Round", a series of questions meant to elicit answers off the top of the guests head. The funny thing about this…
The Future of Living Podcast with Blake Miller Season 2 HighlightsPodcasts
July 18, 2019

Season 2 Highlights from the Future of Living Podcast

This past season of Future of Living featured 20 fantastic guests. We covered a lot of ground, too. The future of construction, retail food technology, downtown stadiums, affordable housing, affordable…