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an amenity.

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Earn $360+ a year per unit.

Increase your per unit monthly NOI by $30 or more by introducing WiFi as an amenity.

Connected infrastructure
that pays for itself.

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Provide WiFi as an 
amenity to
earn incremental revenue.

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Immediately available internet
access - time 
is money.

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Never worry about connecting
future devices.


Own your network

Offer a tiered subscription internet service for residents with custom pricing and automatic billing and collection through Homebase Pay.

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How do I decide which Wifi plan is right for me?

  • With Homebase you can enjoy instant access Wifi with no contracts, equipment charges or activation wait time.

  • Simply log into the Homebase App on your move-in day and select the Wifi plan that’s best for you.

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#1 most desired amenity

High-speed internet is the number one amenity
that residents are willing to pay a premium for.

Instant internet connectivity for every unit.

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Experts in connectivity.

Aruba is changing the rules of networking to create smart digital experiences by helping customers benefit from the best of both worlds: amazing experiences with amazing simplicity.

In-Unit Access PointsAmenity Space Access Points


Amenity spaces & staff networks.

Provide WiFi everywhere. In addition to private in-unit internet service, Homebase provides seamless connectivity across your entire building with solutions for your amenity spaces and staff networks.

How do I manage resident WiFi in my building?

  • Homebase installs and manages a commercial grade Wifi network in your building.

  • This network powers any in-unit smart devices and can also be configured to provide secure, private Wifi for each unit.

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Residents are cutting the cord to stream TV over the internet.


Here are streaming suggestions for TV

Youtube TV

Starting at $49.99/mo.

Hulu with Live TV

Starting at $44.95/mo.

Sling TV

Starting at $15/mo.

Direct TV Now

Starting at $50.00/mo.

Additional binge-worthy streaming favorites


Starting at $8.99/mo.

Amazon Video

Starting at $8.25/mo.


The future's never felt so at home.

See how easy it is to upgrade
your properties for the future.

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How do my residents watch TV?

In today’s age of cord cutting, there are more options than ever for over-the-top programming (OTT) for live TV. Services like Hulu, YoutubeTV, Sling and DirectTV now offer live TV over the internet. Homebase works with you and your residents to ensure they know they have many options.

What happens if Internet goes down?

Homebase is a fully managed service provider for IoT and Wifi networks. We monitor your networks 24/7 from our network operations center and will let you know if we detect an outage. If it’s an issue with the ISP, we’ll work with them to ensure service is restored. If it’s an issue with the network, we’ll send a crew out ASAP to ensure your systems are back up and running in no time.

Can you retrofit a current building with WIFI?

Retrofits might sound complex, but Homebase has you covered. Our trained IT and construction professionals know how to design a network for maximum connectivity, reliability, and security with little disruption to your residents.

Who handles resident tech questions?

We’ve got this one too. Residents can chat directly with a Homebase customer success agent from the Homebase app. We take care of tech support so your staff stays focused on providing a stellar resident experience.

How fast is the resident Internet?

This is market dependent but typically we see our clients offer internet download speed tiers of 5MB up to 300MB. Whether it’s simple browsing or 4K live streaming, we work with residents and staff to deliver the speed you need.

How much does this cost a month?

This is market dependent but typically we see rates of $300 to $1200 per month to provide Wifi to your building. Properties then charge residents $40 to $75 per month depending on the service tier and local market rates.