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Designing for the Future of Living

Building Our Brand Guidelines

The property technology industry is growing rapidly, and our seemingly small choices can have a big impact. Because of this, what the future of living will look like changes day by day. We are committed to staying at the frontlines of these developments, so we are always changing too. 

As a part of this ongoing work, we’ve recently done some deep reflection on our brand guidelines to better support successful sales and marketing strategies at Homebase. 

While some of our supporting design visuals are as fluid as the proptech industry, Homebase’s recipe for developing a successful brand structure is that we never stray from our company’s core values. 

Here are 3 takeaways that help us define the Homebase brand and differentiate ourselves in the proptech space.

The Future of Living Is: Experience-Driven

A recent survey from PWC shows that 73 percent of consumers look to customer experience as an important factor when it comes to choosing products, and rightfully so. New technology solutions can come with hiccups and consumers want to feel comfortable knowing that they will have timely support for any issues that arise. In addition, they want easy tools to solve issues on their own.

How does Homebase deliver in our brand? We focus on featuring the testimonies of current clients, designing training guides, and offering live chat capabilities. 

We show the app in many of our visuals so prospects can get a sense of how it works in practice (ex. Opening a door, signing up for WiFi on move-in).

Featuring product images in our marketing is part of our brand guidelines.

The Future of Living Is: Authentic

88 percent of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support. Customers care about more than product experience. They also place high value on a brand’s promises and, increasingly, a brand’s impact and transparency. People want to use products and services that are aligned with their values.

How does Homebase deliver in our brand? We showcase real Homebase communities through photos, case studies, and marketing materials. To provide authenticity and transparency, we have a complete product demo experience that prospects can access at any time. 

We are confident in our solution and want clients to feel comfortable with their choice by ‘trying before they buy.’

The Future of Living Is: Rooted in Trust

70% of consumers are more likely to buy from a product that feels personally relevant through images, videos, messaging and reviews.  On-trend design components and resonant messaging give customers a sense of a brand’s experience and knowledge. 

How does Homebase deliver in our brand? We are strategic about which companies we incorporate into the Homebase ecosystem, choosing industry leaders who are aligned with our forward-thinking values, like Allegion, Walmart+ InHome, AppFolio, and LG.  Our trusted partners reinforce our credibility by connecting us to companies with strong reputations. 

We showcase existing customers as a part of our brand guidelines.

We also lean on the data. We can instantly calculate how much money communities will make with Homebase products and we have case studies that showcase the stories of existing Homebase communities. On-trend design components help visualize this data for customers and prospects.

Check It Out

Want to try out Homebase for yourself? Schedule a demo to see our intuitive user interface in action.

Interested in learning more about how our team is designing for the future of living? Get a peek into our process by viewing our full brand guidelines below.

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