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Smart Apartments

3 Ways to Automate Move-ins with Homebase

Automating move-ins saves your staff valuable time and provides residents with the modern convenience they crave. Here are three ways to automate move-ins with Homebase. No matter which one you choose,…
How Smart Apartments Help Us Trust In-Home services
Smart Apartments

How Smart Apartments Can Help Us Trust In-Home Services

It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when Airbnb was considered crazy. World famous investors called the idea impossible and dangerous. “No one is going to let…
Smart Apartment Design Ideas
Smart Apartments

What are Smart Apartments and Why They’re the Future of Living

Smart Apartments go well beyond devices, they're a new approach to the entire multifamily experience. What does the future of living look like to you? High-tech appliances might come to…