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Homebase Features

Smart technology, from Access to WiFi

Boost convenience for residents and staff.  Open the door to dozens of digital amenities with a handful of smart devices. 


Take back ownership of your connectivity.

Instant WiFi at move-in

Residents are connected upon through the front door.

Zero install

Residents never have to wait to sync schedules with a service provider for installation.

No contracts

Homebase gives residents the ability to start and end WiFi service without any hassle.

Instant upgrade

Need more speed? Each resident can adjust their WiFi speeds at any time.

Revenue straight to bottom line

Every unit brings your portfolio recurring revenue with WiFi.

Trial periods

Offer trial periods of WiFi in your property, enticing new residents to sign up.

Fully-managed service

We manage and constantly monitor your network. 99.9% uptime.

Property-wide staff network

Keep staff on their own network throughout the building, no network hopping needed.

Aruba network technology

Best-in-class devices deliver a reliable network everywhere you need it.

Professionally installed

State-of-the-art technology sets your property up for future-proof success.

Wireless coverage survey

See how your WiFi network signal moves through your building.

Expertly designed network

Send us the building plans – we’ll light the building up in WiFi and cover every corner.

Outdoor WiFi coverage

Pool, covered. Roof, covered. Dog area, covered. Parking, covered.

Community WiFi

Wherever people are in the property, WiFi will be too.

Offer free WiFi

Want to stand out to potential residents? Offer a limited time free WiFi deal that they can’t refuse.

Network revenue analytics

Dashboard to keep up with the money your network is bringing in.

Retrofitted WiFi

Our cost-effective process can outfit industry-leading WiFi speeds in new and retrofitted properties.

One fob. One app.

A fob and the Homebase app gives residents and staff access to each door they need.

More about Homebase Access

Centralized database

Stop jumping between different interfaces to keep your access consistent.

Remote unlock

Away on a trip? Across town? Unlock internet-connected doors from anywhere.

Amenity access evolved

Make sure the right people are using the right spaces at the right times.

Smart locks for any budget

Our diverse lock lineup allows you to choose the solution that’s right for your community.

Smart lock, every unit

Schlage Control series smart locks on every unit, designed to fit any style and door.

Perimeter access

Your entries have never been more secure, Homebase stores who comes and goes.

Custom access, everywhere

Access edge cases? Customize each door and user.

Sell access to spaces

Monetize your amenity spaces.

Configure door access

Give your team access to the doors they’ll need that day.

Flexible time-based access

Configure access for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days or 10 years.

Auto-expiration of access

Set end date and times to automatically end mobile and key fob access.

Download key fob activity

Perform a door audit in seconds to retrieve all the latest access information.

Notifications for staff unit access

Let residents know when staff have entered their unit for a service request.

Track app access events

Know when vacant units and shared spaces are accessed by both residents and staff.

Keep up-to-date with in-building staff

See how staff is moving through the building, tackling the day-to-day.

Use the Homebase key scanner for hotel-like check-ins

Assigning key fobs has never been easier, tap it on the reader – done.

Low-battery alerts

Get notified when your lock batteries are low. Up-to-date battery status is available in-app.

Access throughout your entire portfolio

One fob. One app. Every door, at every property in your portfolio.

ButterflyMX integration

Homebase Access has a best-in-class video entry system.

Homebase widget

Optimize the unlock experience directly from your home screen. Available on iOS and Android.

An intercom system in your pocket

Grant access to only the doors your visitors need, and edit your settings at any time in the Homebase app.

More about Visitor Access

Key scanner identification

You can customize access and activate key fobs in seconds, from anywhere.

Property management integrations

Quickly move residents in, post transactions to the ledger, and automate your renewals.

Amazon Key compatible

Safe and convenient package deliveries to your residents.

More about Amazon Key


Eagle Eye integration

Our trusted partner will get your camera system setup right.

About Eagle Eye Networks

In-app dashboard

View your cameras without leaving the Homebase app.

Download video and photo files

Quickly save a screen grab or video clip from any camera.

Video controls

Rewind, fast-forward and jump to any moment you want.

Motion detection

Jump through your video to the moments things are moving.

Event detection

Expecting something specific to happen? We’ll get you setup to track it.

Cloud or on-premise storage

Keep your camera footage stored safely in the cloud or on-site.

All camera types.

Our cameras can go anywhere – indoors, outdoors and 360 locations.

View all communities together.

Have multiple buildings? Keep up with them all in one view.

Door sensors

Monitor security in real time with door sensor devices that immediately alert you to security risks.

Introduce smart device automation.


Thermostat settings

Residents can adjust thermostats from anywhere in the Homebase app as well as setup night, home and away modes.

Set vacant unit temperature range

Keep vacant units from using too much energy without worry.

Honeywell smart devices

We offer the most reliable, smart thermostats on the market.

About Honeywell Home

Lights and Switches

On/off, anywhere

The main function of a switch, all around the world.

Control all your lights

Headed to bed? Send them all off at once.

Turn off vacant units

Keep vacant units dark as long as you need…

Turn on vacant units for mobile tours

…or turn on all of the lights when someone schedules a mobile tour.



View and adjust temperatures in-app, including for freezer and convertible drawer.

Washer and dryer

Always know the status and time remaining for your laundry. Even control starting, stopping or turning off the appliances.


Keep up with the current status of your dishes getting cleaned and receive alerts for any issues.

Proactive care alerts

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Keep your appliances in top form by with preventative alerts.

Alert history

Automatically keep a record of all alerts from each appliance.

LG Smart and Connected appliances

Take your units up another level with the latest from LG.

About LG

Warranty information

View the latest warranty information for each of your appliances.

Centralize your payment processes.

Digital payments

Collect payments for everything in the Homebase app – yes, everything.

Recurring charges and credits

Couple clicks and those pets fee will charge every month.


Residents can set it and forget it. Homebase makes it easy to set up payments and even split bills with roommates. And, they’ll get a notification of how much is set to be paid.

One-time charge and credits

Charge or give a credit for anything you want.

Overview of unit payments

See what units are late or on-time in a glance.

Late alerts for residents

It happens, but our notifications will do their best to make sure it doesn’t.

Configurable late dates and fees

Global settings for applying late dates and any fees.

Pay with bank account, credit and debit cards

Give your residents choices to get rent paid simply.

Stripe and Dwolla

Our payments providers lead the industry and get you the best rates.

About Stripe | About Dwolla

Prorated payments

Mid-month move-ins and charges are no problem.


Never deal with a physical check or dropoffs again.

More features

Your community

Homebase is where your community is run. Manage access, get residents connected, take payments, and more.

More about Homebase Manager


Monitor your community in real time with web-based dashboards.

Our support

We’re here for you and your property in any and all support capacities you need.

Homebase Help

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Reach out to discuss a custom solution for your community.