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OPTECH 2021: Announcements You Missed From Homebase

Building the Future of Living took another step forward at OPTECH 2021 – the premier multifamily technology event. Homebase took the opportunity to introduce the latest features to our BuildingOS platform – focusing on staff efficiency, visitor access & property monetization.

Monetize instant access

Access is the key, literally. More investment going into amenities made us ask how can properties use them efficiently & generate a direct ROI. Enabling the right access to your properties & services is taking a leap forward – creating entirely new opportunities to capture revenue in every room.

In-unit service & delivery. Like magic.

Exclusive amenities directly in-unit. Room service is no longer just for hotels.

Instantly upgrade amenities. Add upgrades to stays.

Need a storage unit? Access to coworking? Premium WiFi? Select directly within the Homebase app and auto-apply monthly charges.

Generate new revenue with booking.

Add new income by allowing residents and guests private access to popular amenities for set time periods.

The intercom of the future

…and this intercom is capable of everything. Noticing the pain point of residents, visitors and vendors constantly having trouble or confusion gaining property access, we set out to reinvent the intercom & more. The days of buzzing in are over & giving access to the right people has never been simpler. Showcase your building the way it deserves to be.

No account needed. Seamless vendor and visitor access.

Your building QR code accepts authorization passwords that unlock specific doors for vendors and other visitors – no staff needed.

HomebaseTV: Smart displays throughout your community.

Never put up and take down flyers again. Personalize greetings and messages to make prospects feel welcome without needing staff onsite. Let residents know more about what is happening in the building & show that their access is secure.

Instant tours, bookings, and directory access.

Automate and expand access intercom capabilities with added features that just make sense. Turn your building into an access engine enabling new, staff-free experiences + charge for them.

Superpowers for staff

Get more done at your properties, more efficiently. We’ve watched Homebase properties adopt smart locks to great success, and we saw the opportunity to do even more. Our modern access control operating system saves hours of staff time every week, and it just got an upgrade.

Integrated, no-hassle user management.

Save hours of time by integrating Homebase with Entrata, Yardi, and Rent Manager. Never worry about syncing users and access again.

Goodbye, keys. Hello, smart watch.

Outfit your staff with smart watches for even more efficient access – replacing insecure master and staff keys.

⭐️ Bonus: residents on a run only need their watch to get back in.

Body cameras for increased accountability.

Change the way staff interacts with units. Eagle Eye body cameras hold your employees accountable from the minute a unit door is accessed. Enable secure service visits, remote facilities management, recorded inspections & more.

Ready to see how Homebase can help your community?


Kicking off OPTECH 2021, CEO Blake Miller joined the panel for ‘Connectivity 360 Express: Access Control: Where are We Now and What’s Next?’ to discuss the future of access, and how Homebase can play a key role for your next community.

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The Homebase team at OPTECH 2021

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