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Unlocking the Future of Smart Communities: Quext Acquires Homebase.ai

Quext, renowned for its innovative smart community solutions utilizing LoRaWAN technologies, has formally acquired Homebase.ai. Our teams are joining forces to bring together two of the most innovative companies in the space, creating a single source for multifamily operators to get the best-in-class connected building solution.

What does this mean for our valued customers?

Seamless Transition, Continuous Innovation

First and foremost, we want to reassure our customers that the transition will be smooth with no interruptions to your current service. In fact, it’s going to get even better. Both Quext and Homebase will continue to independently develop their unique smart community solutions. 

So, you’ll keep benefiting from cutting-edge products, and there won’t be any immediate changes to your experience.

Choice and Flexibility: Your Smart Community, Your Way

What’s truly exciting is the future that lies ahead. Quext and Homebase are coming together to create a single, game-changing platform. Imagine having the power to choose a Homebase-style hubless WiFi-enabled network that makes buildings more valuable, Quext’s LPWAN with an embedded thermostat hub, or even a combination of both. This level of flexibility in smart community solutions is unprecedented and sets the stage for a new era of possibilities. 

All without the added cost of a proprietary hub.

Complementary Solutions for Multifamily

Our two companies have been working towards the same goal – providing innovative solutions to the multifamily industry with the least amount of “things” required. Though we approach it differently, our solutions complement each other perfectly. Whether you’re interested in new construction, retrofits, or tailored internet solutions, we’ve got you covered. 

This merger unites the top smart community thinkers in the multifamily space and possibly the world.

A Win-Win-Win Opportunity

For apartment owners, this is a win-win-win opportunity. Smart apartments and managed WiFi solutions empower you to meet your residents needs in a changing world, enhance building sustainability and efficiency, and unlock significant NOI growth in a challenging market. 

It’s a trifecta of benefits that’s hard to beat.

Welcome to Connected Building 3.0

The world of smart buildings has evolved. It’s no longer about patching together single-family solutions for apartments. Quext and Homebase were built from the ground up for the needs of multifamily housing and other types of communities like mixed-use, senior living, and student housing.  

We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to revolutionize how properties are designed, built, and managed.

Voices from Our Leaders

The acquisition of Homebase by Quext signifies a significant moment in the industry. It brings flexibility, innovation, and choice to the forefront. We’re confident that this strategic move will be well-received and that it will reshape the way smart communities are developed and managed.

“Today’s residents expect the latest in smart technologies, presenting an opportunity for apartment owners to not only meet the evolving needs of their residents but also achieve substantial income growth from their investments,” said Dave Marcincowski, Partner at Quext. “By harnessing the combined strengths of Quext and Homebase, we’re poised to deliver the most comprehensive smart community solutions available in the market while advancing our mission to set a new standard for excellence in the multifamily space.”

“Quext and Homebase bring together the industry’s best hardware and software expertise, along with extensive experience in real estate and smart cities technologies,” said Dave Gilles, CEO of Madera Companies.”With the addition of Homebase’s CEO Blake Miller as our new Chief Product Officer, we’re reinforcing Quext’s commitment to driving operational efficiencies for our customers, expanding horizons in this rapidly evolving industry.”

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this new chapter. Together, we’re unlocking a future where customers enjoy more choice and greater opportunity as they build their smart communities.

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About Quext

Quext is a smart technology and services company pioneering exciting innovations that make smarter decisions brilliantly simple. Created by industry experts, Quext reimagined apartment technology with products that work seamlessly together delivering the easiest-to-learn, most intuitive, all-in-one, cloud-based apartment community nerve center ever offered. Core platform innovations include internet of things, digital human customer support, broadband internet, and fintech solutions. Quext is a people-centric firm founded by Madera Residential, an industry leader in multifamily housing investment and property management. Headquartered in Lubbock, TX, the company was recognized as a winner of the Fierce Wireless IoT Challenge 2020 and 2023 LPWAN Excellence Award from IoT Evolution. To learn more, visit onequext.com/ or follow us on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/onequext.


About Homebase

Homebase is a smart building technology platform that drives connectivity and communication for multi-tenant communities. By connecting smart home devices – access control, lighting, lock hardware & software, thermostats – as well as automated building systems through a building-wide WiFi and Bluetooth Mesh network, we help property managers give residents the modern, sophisticated living experience they desire while making management simple and seamless. 

For more information, visit www.homebase.ai, and for regular updates on Homebase news and services, connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Homebase brings the smart apartment experience to new build and retrofit multifamily with trusted technology that delivers intuitive building access control with smart locks, automation of property management, new revenue with property-wide WiFi, and IoT technology amenities residents enjoy. All completely installed and managed for the multifamily innovation leaders of this decade.