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An innovative approach to managing parking.

How it works

With Homebase, you can give residents secure access to their assigned parking spaces along with uninterrupted WiFi in difficult spaces like parking garages.

Seamless community access.

Syncing all community access points, including parking, is a must for security and ease of use. Automate the management of your community, including community WiFi and smart devices, on the Homebase platform.

Future-proof technology.


We’re leveraging our partnership with Eagle Eye Networks to enhance security with highly accurate license plate recognition (LPR). Designed to work in any environment while increasing security and efficiency.

License Plate Recognition Access Technology

The most cost-effective solution.

Unlock the potential to increase your NOI through new revenue streams. Our parking solution requires minimal hardware and provides an easily managed, fully secure parking solution for your community with opportunities to generate non-rent revenue.


Brookside Commons

Brookside Commons is the first live Homebase smart community that uses our Package Room and Parking Control solutions. These solutions allow property managers to manage all of their access from one platform.  This is an important step toward efficiency for communities who might otherwise either deal with unsecured packages or have to use separate platforms to manage package rooms, parking, and community access.

The property management team at Brookside Commons also manages another Homebase community, OGGI Lofts. While managing multiple properties can be cumbersome, by consolidating all of their smart technology in one platform, they can centralize their operations and optimize their team.

“Everything Homebase offers is an amenity service for our residents. But, it also adds value. We can generate revenue on multiple different levels.”

Mark MoberlyDirector of Development

Optional amenity upgrades.

Offer unmatched amenities with Homebase. Stay connected – even in the parking garage – with our Community WiFi solution. Our connected infrastructure allows you to manage all devices on one platform.

Straightforward monitoring.

Save time with the Homebase Manager Dashboard. View real-time activity and security footage from your Eagle Eye Networks cameras from anywhere. Preset access credentials automate garage entry, meaning you only need to check in when desired. 



The future of parking management solutions.

Learn how our multifamily parking management solution can help increase your NOI and enhance the resident experience.

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