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Simply delivered.

Learn how Homebase package solutions offer time-saving flexibility and affordability while delivering the security your residents demand.

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Secure, Tracked, and Flexible

Save valuable staff time when residents are able to access package rooms at their convenience. Events are automatically tracked and logged into the Homebase Manager dashboard.

Peace of Mind

Residents have security and a contact-free way to retrieve packages 24 hours a day, freeing time for property staff to complete other important tasks.


Security + Access

Main entrance

Main entrance with Homebase Access.


Lobby security camera with Eagle Eye.

Pin code room access

Package room with pin code entry for delivery and resident pickup.

Package room footage

Property managers can retrieve access data and security footage of the package room from the Homebase Web Manager.


Property managers can retrieve access data and security footage from the Homebase Web Manager.

En Route

Delivery courier accesses package room using custom code.


Parcel is placed securely within the monitored room.

Easy pick-up

Residents use Homebase access to retrieve their package.

Customized Flexibility

Couriers can be sent a unique access code which is time-stamped and logged into the Homebase Manager dashboard. Residents and staff can retrieve deliveries using the Homebase app.


Generate shared access PIN codes that can be used to access the main entrance, package room, and other doors throughout the community.

Affordable Solution

Maximize your investment and customize your secure delivery management solution. 

  • Work with our team to design a custom delivery flow that increases security by using software and products you already own. 
  • Eliminate monthly fees and expensive upfront costs of locker solutions and overfill rooms. 
  • Decrease staff overhead through remote management. Create a more time-efficient process for delivery drivers while allowing residents the ability to access their packages 24 hours a day.

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The future of package delivery management.

Skip overcomplicated storage solutions. Save time and money with Homebase.

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