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Planning, Designing, and Building for Micromobility as an Amenity with VeoRide

Spencer Dickerson and Blake Miller chat about micromobility as an amenity on the Future of Living Podcast

Micromobility is a term often used to describe tools and services that facilitate the first or last leg of a journey. That short bit of travel required to make it to or from the longer, typically car-facilitated part of a trip. Currently, services like Bird, Lime, and Citibike are providing micromobility services in cities across America. VeoRide (@veoride.mobility, IG), however, is specifically focused on filling this need on college campuses, or micro-cities as we like to think of them.

College campuses aren’t unlike cities, multifamily or mixed-use developments in that they also must deal with providing parking for students, staff, and guests. Roads inherently divide and when creating a vibrant, engaging community is paramount, planning, designing and building for micromobility is a great way to provide more green space, cut back on automobile traffic, and cut carbon emissions.

Spencer Dickerson is the Western US Regional Manager for VeoRide, a micromobility sharing company that works with communities to provide convenient, eco-friendly, and responsible transportation for the modern world. VeoRide was born out fo two students shared frustration in finding flexible, reliable and convenient transportation on campus.

In this conversation, Blake and Spencer discuss:

  • Why Real Estate professionals should be integrating with micromobility services.
  • The micromobility considerations RE Pros must be aware of when planning, designing, constructing or retrofitting a building.
  • How micromobility options can aid in greater community engagement and resident happiness.

Learn more about VeoRide at their website, https://www.veoride.com. Follow them on Instagram, @veoride.mobility, on Facebook, @VeoRide, on Twitter, @VeoRideMobility, and on LinkedIn.

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