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Streamlining Location Selection and Opportunity Zone Investments with Calandra Cruickshank

Calandra Cruickshank on the Future of Living Podcast with Blake Miller

Selecting a corporate site or validating an investment in an opportunity zone can take a very long time, sometimes months. Calandra Cruickshank (@CalandraLila, TW) recognized that by leveraging the power of big data, these processes could be significantly faster and easier. Thus, Statebook International® was founded. Statebook is the first nationwide online marketplace for economic development and corporate site selection headquartered in NY.

With over a decade in the tech industry, Cruickshank specializes in designing and implementing creative campaigns using sustainable and socially responsible programs and strategic alliances between for-profit and non-profit companies and government agencies.

Calandra previously co-founded and served as president and on the board of directors for CommonKindness.com, an online coupon hosting platform that benefits nonprofits while saving consumers money and driving traffic and sales to brands and retailers. Calandra also co-founded and served as senior vice president for Good Deed Foundation, a national branding and licensing company that leveraged existing supermarket products to support non-profit organizations benefitting climate change and women and families in poverty.

In this conversation, Blake and Calandra discuss:

  • The rise of Opportunity Zones and how Real Estate Investors can leverage big data to streamline decision making.
  • What corporations are most attracted to when selecting a new location and how this might affect real estate.
  • How Real Estate Developers are transforming abandoned malls into community-focused experiences.

Learn more about Statebook International® at https://www.statebook.com. Check out their About Page for direct emails to Calandra and her team. Follow Statebook on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Finally, connect with Calandra on Twitter, @CalandraLila, and on LinkedIn.

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