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Searching for a Solution

Residents and staff are never the only ones who traverse multifamily communities: it’s a reality of modern life. We have meetings, order Doordash, hire dog walkers, give tours to prospects, request maintenance, partner with vendors, and need packages delivered. 

Old-fashioned intercoms have always been a struggle. After a costly installation, guests can call a resident and ask them to open the front door…but what if the resident isn’t home? 

Most smart lock solutions aren’t much better. Visitors are often required to check out a key fob or keep track of a different pin code for every door.

Despite many technological advances, multifamily communities continue to search for a secure solution to ferry guests through multiple doors within the community. That’s where Homebase Visitor Access comes in.

An Intercom in Every Pocket

The Next Intercom Evolution

Homebase Visitor Access puts an intercom in every pocket. Empowered property managers specify which doors visitors should access and how long their access should last. Then, they send an invitation through the Homebase app. 

Visitors follow a link or scan a QR code to open instant access.  No downloads required.* Once guests input their unique access code, they can unlock all assigned doors with a tap. 

Property managers are notified when visitors unlock doors and can revoke access instantly at any time. Unlike many PIN code systems, which make visitors difficult to track, Homebase Visitor Access keeps property managers in control. Access events are meticulously tracked and property managers can view activity log updates in real-time.

You can enable Visitor Access immediately after the Homebase installation. No additional hardware is required.

Three Ways Homebase Visitor Access Can Transform Your Community

Managing Resident Guests

You know that one resident who left for vacation and forgot to give his pet sitter a key? Resident guests can create a lot of challenges for property managers. 

Be your residents’ hero by giving their guests an easy way to navigate the building. Guests access entrances, units, elevators, parking gates, stairwells and amenity spaces they need. You monitor the visitor log to ensure safety.

You can stay in control by limiting how long codes can be active (in increments as small as ten minutes) and how many devices can use them. If every guest needs to access the front entrance, you can make your job easier by setting auto-permissions. This automatically enables front entrance access when you add a guest so you don’t have to remember.

As this feature progresses, it will allow guests to request access from residents through a digital directory. When residents receive a request, they will be able to send virtual keys instantly.

Facilitating Vendors

Do you have an insecure master key floating around somewhere in a staff member’s pocket? Or have to teach vendors to use the key locker every other day? 

From maintenance to mail delivery, you will always have vendors you need to let into your community. With instant Visitor Access, you can send access in seconds and your vendors can unlock their designated doors just as quickly.

Improve convenience for larger teams by creating one code for the team to share. Mail carriers can easily access the front entrance and the package room with the “Package Delivery” code so you never have to hassle with delivery again. 

Homebase Visitor Access can also be used to expedite in-unit services. We were the first to enable in-unit grocery delivery through our partnership with Walmart+ InHome. Homebase Visitor Access makes it easy for properties to create their own vendor marketplace of in-unit services. Partner with local businesses and national partners to offer services like dog walking, laundry, and grocery delivery.

Enabling Self-Guided Tours

How many potential residents are you missing because you can’t schedule tours after hours?  Work with prospects’ schedules and ensure your building is secure with self-guided touring

Allow prospects to book their tours and send access to the doors they need with a designated start and end time. After prospects input their code, they will be able to unlock all doors on their assigned route. No account is required, so prospects can focus on enjoying their tour of the community. 

You can easily monitor their progress because every access event is tracked. Pair instant Visitor Access with Eagle Eye Cameras for added visibility and peace of mind.

Staff can focus their time on adding value to the property while prospects enjoy a seamless touring experience. 

The Future of Visitor Management

Property visitors will always be around. It’s time for a system that is easy to navigate and secure. With Homebase Visitor Access, you’re in control of who comes and who goes.   Bring your building into the future by scheduling your demo today.


*Downloads are required on Android devices.

Homebase brings the smart apartment experience to new build and retrofit multifamily with trusted technology that delivers intuitive building access control with smart locks, automation of property management, new revenue with property-wide WiFi, and IoT technology amenities residents enjoy. All completely installed and managed for the multifamily innovation leaders of this decade.