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Product Updates

Top 10 New Features of 2022

We have 10 exciting new feature updates to celebrate.

A Year of Growth

It’s that time of year: time for looking back on what we’ve accomplished, celebrating our successes, and making goals for the new year. 🎉

This year, we have a lot to celebrate. We’ve moved through the late stages of the pandemic, supply chain issues, and economic uncertainty. Despite these challenges, our product has continued to grow. 

With each quarter of the year, we’ve furthered our mission to simplify life (and work) with property technology. Here are 10 new features that we are excited to celebrate.

1. AppFolio Integration

We are one of AppFolio’s first integrations, and we’re excited to be working together! Our property management integrations with AppFolio, Yardi and Entrata simplify property managers’ workflows by syncing data every 10 minutes. This eliminates the burden of double data entry in separate platforms.  Property Managers can begin or end stays in AppFolio and trust that their updates will transfer to Homebase.

2. Offline Mode

Our Offline Mode update enables residents and staff to unlock Bluetooth connected doors even without an internet connection. This small-but-mighty feature makes a big difference in buildings with basements and no building-wide WiFi connection.

3. Door Sensors

When exterior doors are left ajar, it can pose a safety risk for the your property. With our door sensor update, you can take that off your worry list. These tiny sensors connect to Allegion products and send alerts through Homebase if a door is left ajar for more than three minutes

Watch access is a new feature that provides flexibility for residents.
Watch access is a new feature that provides added flexibility for residents.

4. Package Management

Communities can safeguard their package deliveries with a solution that is flexible, simple, and seamlessly embedded in our building-wide access solution. While package lockers may offer security, the limited space often leads to an overflow room that is either unsecure, or requires staff management. Package rooms use smart locks and security cameras to provide one-code access to couriers and ensure that the deliveries reach their intended recipient.

Parking management is a new feature that provides time-bound access for residents, staff, and visitors.
The Homebase parking solution provides time-bound access for residents, staff, and visitors.

5. Parking Solution

Looking for a partner in parking? This year we rose to the challenge of designing a parking solution that can be managed in the same platform as building access. With full coverage WiFi, security surveillance, and time-bound access for residents, staff, and visitors, our parking solution is an easy and efficiency upgrade for Homebase communities.

6. Automated Utility Transfers

Energy markets are becoming increasingly common, allowing residents to chose their energy provider based on factors like cost and renewable energy. Our integration with Wattbuy automates utility transfers by prompting residents to chose from a set of recommended energy bundles during move-in.

7. Fastest Unlocks Yet

This year we made access performance increases that have resulted in fastest unlocks yet. ⚡️ Users with 2.0 locks are now experiencing unlock speeds as fast as 1 second, rivaling the speed of key fobs. This makes it easier than ever to explore the opportunities of app-only access.

8. Watch Access

Meet Watch Access Control: the power of a thousand keys right on your wrist. In the spring we unveiled this exciting feature that makes unlocking doors more convenient than ever. Watch access is perfect for residents who have left the building to exercise. It also provides a more secure substitute for key fobs for staff.

9. Visitor Access

Our biggest feature release of the year, Homebase Visitor Access is an intercom you can carry in your pocket. Without additional hardware, customers with Homebase Access Control can send digital keys to guests. Property managers select the doors they want to send access to, and visitors input a single code to unlock configured doors with a tap. Staff members receive updates when codes are activated and when doors are unlocked to ensure security.

10.  Self-Guided Tours

Visitor Access also enables self-guided touring. Are you missing prospective residents because you can’t schedule tours after hours? Self-guided touring is a secure solution to provide flexibility for prospects and freedom for staff. Staff members set designated start and end times in increments as small as ten minutes and chose the spaces prospects will access on their tour. Then, they send invitations to background-checked prospects and enjoy more efficient lease-up.

Visitor access is on of our new features. It makes it easy to send and receive digital access.
Visitor access makes it easy to send and receive digital access to multiple doors.

What are your goals for 2023? Digital amenities have become an expected part of multifamily life and our experts can help you prepare your community for the future. Chat with us to get started on your new year’s resolutions.

Homebase brings the smart apartment experience to new build and retrofit multifamily with trusted technology that delivers intuitive building access control with smart locks, automation of property management, new revenue with property-wide WiFi, and IoT technology amenities residents enjoy. All completely installed and managed for the multifamily innovation leaders of this decade.