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Product Updates

Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your NOI

Boost net operating income (NOI) with Managed WiFi, Access booking, and Homebase Marketplace services

Let’s Get Started

There’s no time like the new year to make fresh resolutions. The blank slate of January gives us a second chance to build the life we dream of, whether that is creating a new part of our identity as an individual (e.g. a runner) or as a business (e.g. more profitable). 

If your business goals relate to profitability, we hear you. This year, our resolution is product improvements that will help you boost your net operating income (NOI) in three key ways. 

1. Managed WiFi

Homebase Managed WiFi is a business-in-a-box solution that can substantially increase net operating income (NOI). It gives your community building-wide connection, with private networks in units and community networks in shared spaces. Using Managed WiFi, you can give your residents unheard-of flexibility and cut WiFi costs while increasing profitability.  

In 2023, we are making it easier for properties to benefit from this solution with new automations. These automations include automatic payment collection, automatic shutoff when residents are late on a payment, and a free WiFi trial for residents who are moving in. Offering a month of free WiFi instead of a month of free rent is an attractive perk and can boost lease-up while increasing NOI.

Our always-expanding integrations with property management software help keep your books aligned by transferring data about payments between platforms. 

Use Managed WiFi to boost your net operating income (NOI).
Managed WiFi is the best way to significantly boost revenue and increase net operating income (NOI). Our upcoming features will make it even easier to manage.
Access booking can increase convenience for residents while creating new revenue for properties and boosting net operating income (NOI).
Access booking can increase convenience for residents while creating new revenue for properties.

2. Access Booking

Access booking will make it easy for multifamily communities to offer amenity space rentals. This can turn less frequented spaces into desirable commodities.  Residents need space for meetings, parties, and gatherings of friends. Renting community common areas is convenient and creates a new revenue stream for properties. 

Self-guided tours, which use Homebase Visitor Access,  will also be able to be scheduled through the booking feature. This will eliminate the tedious back-and-forth of scheduling to create a fully automated process.

3. Homebase Marketplace

We are creating an ecosystem of digital services with automations to help residents to get what they need when they need it. 

Walmart+ InHome is a longstanding partner that offers in-unit grocery delivery. This gives residents even more convenience than Doordash with complete security through body cameras and expiring access codes. Properties also receive payments every time a resident signs up. 

We are expanding this offering so properties can partner with local and national businesses to provide in-unit services that simplify residents’ lives. Dog walking? Dry cleaning? With Homebase Visitor Access, it’s easy to build time-saving partnerships that bring in new revenue. 

Boost net operating income (NOI) with Homebase Marketplace services like Walmart+ InHome.
Increase net operating income (NOI) with Homebase Marketplace services like Walmart+ InHome.

In 2022, we partnered with Wattbuy to offer utility automations, making it easy for residents to choose their energy provider. This year, we will add renters insurance to our list of convenient Homebase Marketplace services.

Cheers to 2023 🎊

With the right strategy and the right tools, you can reach new levels of profitability in 2023. We’re looking forward to building together in the new year!

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