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Property Management

Keyless Living: Unlocking the Potential of App-Only Access

App-Only access improves property security and efficiency.

Introducing a Life Without Keys

As a property owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to increase your team’s efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenue, and find ways to improve your residents’ experience. 

At Homebase, we believe that these four things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. One of our many solutions is using Homebase to remove traditional keys from your property, and introduce your residents to app-only access. With the rise of proptech, more and more owners are turning to digital access to unlock doors and access amenities, while ditching the old lock and key system. But is it right for you? Here are just a few of the many benefits of using digital access with apps to unlock doors.

12 Benefits of Digital Access

1. Instant access when moving in: With digital access, residents can instantly access their units as soon as they move in, without needing to wait for keys or meet with staff to exchange them. This makes the move-in process smoother and more convenient for everyone involved.

2. Configurable access: Owners can configure access to different areas of the property, such as amenity spaces, at any time. This means that if a resident moves out, their access can be immediately revoked, without needing to worry about returning keys.

3. Wearable devices: Digital access doesn’t just have to be on a phone. With Homebase, residents can also use wearable devices like smartwatches to unlock doors, making access even more convenient.

4. Instant payments for amenity spaces: With digital access, residents can pay for instant access to amenities like the community lounge or rooftop event space, increasing the property’s net operating income (NOI).

Easily adjust access to amenity spaces with app-only access.

5. Recurring payments for storage and parking: Residents can also pay for recurring access to spaces like storage and parking gates, making it easy for owners to keep track of payments.

6. Real-time notifications: App-only access allows owners to receive real-time notifications when staff members enter units, ensuring that everyone is accountable.

7. Activity logging: Owners can also keep track of who is accessing different areas of the property, making it easy to see who is responsible for any issues that may arise.

8. No more lost keys: Traditional keys are very insecure and can be lost at any time, resulting in costly rekeying expenses and painful lockouts for residents. With digital access, lost keys are a thing of the past. Even if a resident loses their phone or wearable device, unlocking their door is as simple as borrowing a friend’s phone and logging into Homebase with their password.

9. Easy to track: Traditional keys are hard to track and key tracking systems can be a pain for staff. Homebase digital access makes it easy to see who has access to different areas of the property. This makes it easy to determine who is responsible for any issues that may arise.

10. No need to worry about getting keys back: With digital access, there’s no need to worry about getting keys back from residents or staff members when they move out or leave their job.

11. Easy access to digital services: Residents can easily access digital services like in-unit grocery delivery. Homebase partners with Walmart+ InHome to grant temporary access to smart locks in a way that was never possible with traditional keys, making it easy for residents to receive their deliveries even when they’re not home.

12. No power? No problem: Homebase uses Bluetooth and battery technology, so you don’t have to worry about lockouts if there is an electricity outage in your area.

The Future of App-Only Access

As you can see, there are many benefits to using digital access with apps to unlock doors. It makes the process of unlocking doors and accessing amenities more convenient, secure, and cost-effective for everyone involved. 

If you’re looking for an efficient system, removing traditional keys and introducing app-only access to your property is worth considering. With the help of digital access, you’ll be able to increase revenue and provide new features that make life easier for residents and staff. 

Contact one of our experts at Homebase today to start learning more about ditching traditional keys and moving into the future.

Use digital access to unlock doors with your smartwatch on the go.

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