Smart Building Design Consulting

$1,000.00 / month

Interested in smart buildings but not sure where to start? Put the Homebase Consulting Team on retainer to receive priority, custom smart building design expertise and guidance. 

We are your team of IoT, smart tech and low-voltage experts. We work alongside your architect and general contractor through the building design and development process.

Every dollar spent with our design consulting team will be applied as a credit to purchase of a Homebase smart building system.

Your smart building design team will 

  • Conduct an in-depth needs analysis based on your project’s unique goals. 
  • Evaluate budget, potential vendors, and new smart amenities relevant to your project(s). 
  • Evaluate portfolio level initiatives with a phased implementation strategy to optimize ROI. 
  • Present an easy to understand, Comprehensive Smart Building Plan to you and your team of designers, contractors, staff, maintenance, and IT professionals. 
  • Get you advance access to new products and lock in special pricing from our integration partners. 
  • Dedicate 10 hours per month to attend design and construction meetings, educate your internal team, and communicate with all relevant stakeholders. 
  • Provide educational resources: articles, webinars, live training sessions, and case studies, tailored to your property’s unique needs and goals. 



To prepare your Comprehensive Smart Building Plan we will evaluate the following potential solutions:

Implementation of IoT devices

Smart building integration and application

Networking solutions

Wireless access point Surveying and Analysis

High-end simulation systems

Voice and data cabling infrastructure

Perimeter intrusion systems

Access control systems

Video surveillance systems

Fire alarm systems

Nurse call systems

Paging and intercom systems

Sound masking systems

Audio/visual systems

Emerging technologies

The future of smart tech is dynamic.

These solutions offer a high potential for new revenue streams and game-changing cost savings. You need a long-term partner who knows your business, continually evaluates your long-term smart tech strategy, and has the expertise to discern which emerging solutions are right for your portfolio and individual properties.
Retaining your own smart building design team is the most cost-effective way to future proof your business. Purchase our consulting subscription now and we’ll schedule your introductory consult call within 24 business hours.