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Student housing and co-living

Students come and go, so you need a smart building system that is ready for anything. Provide seamless WiFi, automated move-ins, and boosted security in one centralized platform.

How it works

With Homebase, you can give residents accurate access to their assigned spaces along with control to their smart devices.

Reliable WiFi that’s easy to manage

Flexible and secure building access

Digital amenities with a big impact

Time saved
per semester

Safer than
traditional keys

Digital amenities for
improved experiences

Frequently asked questions

How do you manage security?

Unlocking doors with a mobile access app is the safest solution, with fobs as a secondary option. Only current residents are able to login and access their assigned doors. If a phone gets stolen, it is password protected. When a resident logs into a different device, their last session is logged out immediately — instantly disabling their old device.

How do you keep the WiFi Networks secure?

Homebase Managed WiFi provides secure, private networks for each apartment. This is safer than Bulk WiFi, which creates a single shared WiFi network that all residents can access. We even handle customer service, maintenance, and repairs so property managers can focus on their core operations while providing residents with a reliable internet connection.

Can students share keys?

Our smart access control system upgrades security without sacrificing convenience. While metal keys can easily be copied, compromising security, digital visitor access keeps you in control. Set start and end times, choose what doors visitors can access, and monitor guest activity in real time.

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