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Key Scanner works across our Homebase Access cloud access control platform – enabling key card or fob entry & access to your buildings.

Getting started

Download the Engage desktop app

For Mac

Download the Engage desktop app for your Mac application.


For Windows

Download the Engage desktop app for your Windows application.


Step 1: Setup

Connect the key scanner (MT20W) to your computer and open the Engage desktop application.

Step 2: Assign a key

Log in to Homebase Manager. Assign an available key by inputting the last digits after 0 located on each fob.

Step 3: Scan assigned key

Hold the key on the scanner until it blinks green and beeps three times.* Waiting too long to remove the key from the scanner after scanning can produce an error message. Note: your key is still successfully assigned.

* If you see red lights without any sound, there is an error. Visit the Engage application for more information on the error.


Additional resources

Credential Scanner FAQ

How to set up and use the key scanner to activate keys after a stay goes live.

Read More

MT20W Datasheet

Download the Allegion datasheet for more specs on the key scanner device.


Allegion – Device Overview

All you need to know about the MT20W device straight from the source.

Visit Allegion

Reach out to Homebase Support for any other questions regarding help with the key scanner.