Adapting to a Cashless, Kitchenless World with Aman Manik

By November 15, 2018 Podcasts

Before Postmates, before GrubHub, before Door Dash, before food delivery from any restaurant around you was ubiquitous there was Fastbite. Aman Manik (@amanik, TW) was at the center of Fastbite as Co-Founder and Head of Product and Operations all the way up until Square acquired the company in February of 2015.

Aman is a product management professional focusing on mobile productivity solutions for enterprise and business users. Prior to his experience with Fastbite and time at Square, Manik spent time as Principal Product Manager at NortonCloud and Business Development with Box. These days he’s watching and advising on world tech trends as it pertains to mobile, payments and productivity.

In this conversation, Blake and Aman discuss:

  • The slow adoption and superiority of tap-to-pay payments.
  • How restaurants can scale with “cloud kitchens.”
  • How property owners and developers might plan for changes in the way households plan, prepare, and consume meals.

Find Aman Manik on Twitter, @amanik, on LinkedIn and at his website, https://www.amanmanik.com.

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