Building Proactive AI Assistants for the Home with Neto Marin

By October 25, 2018 Podcasts

The debate over the next big platform is one we love to have on this podcast. Neto Marin (@netomarin, TW) believes Voice just might have the upper hand. Neto works at Google on Google Assistant, Google Home and other devices that rely on our voice. As Actions on Google Developer Advocate, he spends his time educating people on what is possible and thinking beyond what is current.

One fun fact, when Neto was growing up in Brazil, an iPhone cost as much as a used car. This only added to his love of open source programming languages and open ecosystems.

In this conversation, Blake and Neto discuss:

  • Reactive versus proactive AI assistant experiences.
  • How to teach children to interact with AI politely.
  • The potential for cultural education from AI.

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