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Streamlined Lease Management and Payment Balance

By December 5, 2018December 7th, 2020In the News

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to share the latest Homebase update. In this update, we’ve made it easier for you to move residents across units with a new lease structure and improved the flexibility of payments.

Customize your leases – no two residents are the same

Your leases are as unique as the residents that live in your buildings. Life happens and leases change. Last month, Joey and Chandler in unit 19 had a special pet deposit for their new chick and duck. Yesterday, Monica in unit 20 just put in a request to add her old friend Rachel to her lease. With this latest update we’ve added more customization to lease creation process and improved the flexibility of lease management. You now have a whole new range of lease options to best fit the resident situation at hand.

Streamlined Lease Creation & Flexible Lease Management

  • We’ve reworked our lease management system to improve the relationship between leases and residents. 
  • Creating a lease is now a simplified step-by-step process. 
  • Creating & adding residents is now integrated with lease creation. 
  • You can now upload multiple documents to a lease. 
  • Customizing monthly recurring charges, prorated first month payment and late fee amounts per unit is now included in lease creation.
  • We’ve expanded our first payment options to allow for customized prorate amounts and one-time charges and credits. 
  • We will save your progress while creating a lease so any member of the staff can come back and finish it late

Living is often more than just rent

An apartment community is more than just four walls and a roof. The events of peoples lives happen here every day – sometimes these events come with payments that aren’t a part of the initial lease. Now that Rachel has moved in with Monica, there are two separate rent payments being made towards the monthly balance of unit 20. There is also an additional on-time maintenance fee that needs to be added to Joey and Chandler’s balance this month because their new duck ate a hole through the in the drywall in unit 19. These things happen. We’ve updated the payment experience to help you manage the costs associated with all of life’s events.

Redefining Payments for All Resident Expenses

  • Payments are now based on a balance system that shows how much a unit owes at any given time.
  • As highly requested, multiple residents can now make payments toward the balance each month.
  • Residents can now prepay for multiple months at a time.
  • Property managers now have the ability to pause and resume late fees for customized amounts of time.
  • Property managers can view current late fee totals and apply credits directly toward the unit late fee.
  • Property managers now have the ability to view a transaction list in ledger format to track all transactions between the property and residents.
  • Adding charges can now be scheduled for next month, or added immediately to be paid by the resident.
  • The dashboard now reflects payments made in the past month and how much money is owed at any given time.
  • Residents will now receive notification messages when changes are made to their monthly recurring charges and late fees.

If you have any questions about our latest update or would like to see these new features in action, drop us an email at

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