Schlage Smart Wristband Credential #9351 – 13.56 MHz

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Multi-technology credentials. Sold in quantities of 100 to work with the Schlage Control Lock.

Smart wristband credentials from Schlage® combine a smart solution with a wearable format. This credential offers convenience and secure access in a waterproof, silicone wristband, available in eleven colors. The smart wristband uses securely encrypted data, which is verified by both the credential and the reader, operates with 13.56 MHz frequency, and has 1K byte/8k bit of storage.

Schlage® multi-technology credentials combine 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart technologies in one contactless card, simplifying access control solutions and offering flexibility for users. The credentials are compatible with proximity, smart and multi-technology card readers, allowing facilities ultimate flexibility. The open architecture design also ensures fast data transfer rates.

  • Includes 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart technologies in one credential
  • Compatible with Schlage and other industry manufacturers’ readers and electronic locks
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Available in multiple memory capacities
  • Available in 11 Colors

Facility Code: The facility code is, typically, a pre-determined number assigned to your software. Sometimes called a “Site Code”, this number is used in the programming of your credentials. Purchasing the wrong facility code will result in non-working cards that are not returnable. If you don’t know you’re facility code, leave this and starting/ending numbers blank, a Homebase Customer Success representative will reach out.

Starting #: Every credential has an encoded number. The number printed on your credential is the number encoded in the credential – allowing ease of enrollment into your system. You want to choose a number range that you have not used before. You do not want to duplicate. Typically, you can print a report from your system that shows you the numbers available. DO NOT GUESS!



Brand – Schlage

Manufacturer – Allegion

Credential Type – Wristband, MIFARE

Credential Format – 13.56MHz smart with MIFARE Classic; ISO 14443; 2.5k bit; 5 sectors.

Dimensions – 0.630″ x 7.68″ x 0.295″.

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Black (BLK), Dark Blue (DBL), Light Blue (LBL), Light Green (LGR), Dark Green (DGR), Orange (ONG), Pink (PNK), Purple (PLE), Red (RED), White (WHI), Yellow (YEL)