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Smart Apartments

Delivering Seamless Smart Apartment Living Through Partnerships • Trench Media Podcast

IoT Challenges Podcast with Trench Media

Integration – The IoT industry’s greatest challenge

When you stop and think about it, there are a lot of things working simultaneously in order to keep the buildings we live in functioning to our 21st-century standards. A building’s infrastructure is comprised of systems and devices that control everything from our lights, locks, thermostats to internet connectivity, connected building systems and beyond. No one can be an expert in all these things. That is why Homebase has created partnerships with future-minded IoT companies like Droplit and Deako so that we can focus on connecting all the systems and devices throughout a building to deliver new and unique smart living experiences to our customers.

Recently, Homebase CEO Blake Miller caught up with our partners at Droplit and Deako to explore the future of smart buildings, the connected living experience and the IoT industry’s greatest challenge, integration, with Trench Media.

“These partnerships help us to create a new revenue stream, enhance operational efficiency and the living experience of our residence. We see Homebase as an operating system where the smart apartment experience is seamless and to do that well we need partners who are a good cultural fit and who we can trust.” – Blake Miller, CEO Homebase

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Blake as well as our good friends Wes Nicol, Chief Revenue Officer at Deako and Preston Tesvich, COO of Droplit.

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Homebase brings the smart apartment experience to new build and retrofit multifamily with trusted technology that delivers intuitive building access control with smart locks, automation of property management, new revenue with property-wide WiFi, and IoT technology amenities residents enjoy. All completely installed and managed for the multifamily innovation leaders of this decade.