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Today we’re happy to announce the launch of The Future of Living Podcast with Blake Miller, our podcast that explores how people connect to the places they live with technology and how it will change in the future as technology and innovation changes our lives.

In this weekly series, we dive into the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and smart living technologies, trends affecting the spaces and places that make up smart cities and buildings, and new ways for managing life as more and more of the things around us get connected. Each episode will treat you to an in-depth conversation with leaders of industry, public office and innovative companies.

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Ashley Z. Hand on Cities and Mobility 

Co-founder of Cityfi 

The average commuter in Los Angeles spends over 100 hours a year in traffic. Ashley Z. Hand creates solutions for big problems just like this.





Kevin Honomoichl on Mobility and Connectivity

President of BHC RHODES

Despite reports of urban growth, Americans are still spreading out into suburban, ex-urban, and rural communities. Kevin Honomichl sees both big challenges and opportunities for the future of mobility and connectivity in these communities




Nick Bowden on Making Smart Cities Smarter

Product Lead at Sidewalk Labs

Nick Bowden believes that Smart Cities should and can be more than just a network of sensors transmitting data that may or may not be useful. If anyone knows what is possible on the Smart City front, it’s Bowden.




Andrew Thomas on Security, Blockchain and Connected Living

Co-founder of Skybell

Andrew Thomas sees a massive paradigm shift in the making. Things like the blockchain will not only make our connected lives more secure but also more accountable.



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